3D Laser Scanners

Advanced 3D measurement solutions that are optimized for complex, reflective surfaces

Blade Inspection

Turnkey system optimized for automatic blade inspection, including FAA-ready reports.

3D Inspection Services

Metronic application engineers provide 3D verification and first article inspection services.

Application Matched

The Metronic G2-E Laser Scanner is highly automated and easy to use and offers numerous, valuable benefits in addition to 3D verification.

Metronic’s application-matched systems also support ongoing process analysis/control, minimization of cycle time and real-time problem solving all in one.

See system specifications below

Precise 3D Measurement of Complex Parts

Easy to use, very precise, measures a greater diversity of parts, sophisticated quality analysis, automatic inspection and reporting.

About System Specifications

The measurement accuracy of the Metronic G2-E Laser Scanner is based upon the ASME B89 standard, which quantifies the system’s ability to digitize a precision 8-inch ball-bar. The ball-bar is placed in various positions within the measurement area and the measured length of the ball-bar varies by no more than the stated accuracy of the system.

Temperature specifications are based on measuring an 8-inch ball-bar in a controlled environment over a wide range of temperatures, while maintaining measurement accuracy.

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