About Metronic Systems

Metronic designs and builds automated 3D measurement solutions that are optimized for your specific application. We develop application-specific software and integrate 3rd party products to maximize performance and ensure ongoing results.

Our proprietary optical scanning technology provides high speed, highly accurate 3D measurement of manufactured parts. Compared to other non-contact 3D scanners, the Metronic G2-E is faster, more accurate, less sensitive to reflective surfaces and more highly automated.


We help our customers pursue perfection through collaboration.

We believe in the pursuit of perfection in manufacturing.  Despite being unattainable, we’ve noticed companies that pursue perfection are the ones that actually achieve excellence.

We help our customers pursue perfection through collaboration, and with our business partners, work to develop the most effective measurement solution possible.

Our products are tailored and optimized for the customer’s application

Metronic Systems LLC is a results-oriented supplier of application-specific, 3D measurement solutions for aerospace suppliers and other companies that manufacture complex parts.

Technology from Metronic Systems delivers precise 3D measurement and analysis of complex parts for both production and quality control applications. Metronic’s laser scanners are highly automated and easy to use and offer numerous, valuable benefits in addition to 3D verification. Metronic’s application-matched systems also support ongoing process analysis/control, minimization of cycle time and real-time problem solving all in one.

We develop the most effective measurement solution possible.

The G2-E has been updated for automated, turnkey operation on the manufacturing floor. As optical and electronic technology evolves, the components in the G2 system have been updated and further ruggedized for higher reliability.

The G2 can accurately measure a variety of shapes and surface finishes — complex parts, shiny and freshly machined parts, mixed surfaces, and contoured shapes. Quality analysis and comprehensive reports are created in real time, without requiring expert operators.

We ensure ongoing results for all users — in QC, production or design

We are exceptionally responsive in all aspects of our business to ensure ongoing results for end users — in quality, production or engineering.

We never stop working to earn the trust of all customers.

Metronic has earned the trust of the aerospace industry by being more customer-focused than other suppliers: more responsive to customer needs, with products that are more tailored and optimized to the customer’s application, and through closer working relationships with end users and customer personnel.



Chief Executive Officer

Bob Genise is an aerospace industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience. Before joining Metronic, Mr. Genise was the co-founder and CEO of Boullioun Aviation Services as well as CEO of DAE Capital.


Chief Operations Officer

Phil Ross has been active in the metrology industry for 17 years as a board member, CFO and most recently the interim President of Metron Inc. Mr. Ross’ expertise is based on 30 years of financial management and business development in growing businesses.


Metronic Systems LLC was originally created in 1997 to address the need for fast, accurate non-contacting measurement of precision aircraft parts.

Metronic Systems has 17 years of proven laser-scanner market expertise – creating industrial 3D metrology systems with automatic, turnkey inspection capabilities.

The Metronic G2-E embodies decades of technical expertise in: optical design, seamless integration and projection of data into 3D space, image analysis, sub-micron multi-axis motion control, and results-oriented applications engineering.

Optical design - 27 years
Multi-axis motions systems - 30 years
Software integration - 28 years
2D to 3D translation and calibration - 13 years
Application engineering - 21 years
Custom system and mechanical design - 31 years